Professional proofreaders

We offer fast and professional proofreading of your texts. Besides spell-checking and fixing grammatical errors, we also make sure that the text is easy to read and that your message is clear. We proofread, review the language and edit your texts in both Swedish and English.

Proofreading and language review

When proofreading, we review and edit your text so it is easy to read. We make sure that the spelling and grammar is correct and your tonality is on level with your brand. Proofreading is a must for any text to be perceived as trustworthy.

The next step is reviewing the language. Here we dive deeper and look at the purpose, sentence structure and that there is a common thread throughout the whole text. The goal is to make sure the text is understandable and easy to read. 

At Karlssons Textbyrå you get a proofreader that makes sure your text is of the highest quality. We proofread and review the language of all of your texts so that you always get the best results.

Well-written texts reach out through the buzz

A well-written text is a must for companies that want to reach their target audience. To hire a professional proofreader is therefore a great investment. 

When you communicate with clients, regardless if it’s through a blogpost, a press release or social media your text must be correct. Otherwise, you risk losing the customers trust. A well-written text has a clear message, good flow and is relevant for the reader.

Do you need a proofreader?

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